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Minnesota Futurists
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An Association for the Study of Alternative Futures

"The most surprising future is one which contains no surprises." - Herman Kahn


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News of the Future

Resiting the Robot Revolution
Thre Robots are coming, Are yu ready for them. Will they take your job? Join us Saturday 30 July and find out

Soudan Played Out For Neutrinos
Soudan Mine Closing, not deep enough. Nutrenuos to be sent to South Dakota

The War On Science
Shawn Otto discusses his new book showing us how to win the war, defending science from the many forces suppressing its use by Congress and state legislatures in dealing with climate disruption, reproductive rights and many other issues.


Anticipate the future by investigating

Possible Futures
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Probable Futures
Preferable Futures

Then: Proactively Create Your Own Future

This is a work is in progress, so not all of the web pages have information yet. This information will be added as interested members submit video links, links to interesting sites about the future, random bits about the future, articles about the future and as we complete board meetings.

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There is also information at Minnesota Futurists Meetup group, including meeting schedules and topics