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History of the Minnesota Futurists

The Minnesota Chapter of the World Futurist Society (WFS) is the brainchild of Earl C Joseph.

In 1967 He had read about and investigated the World Futures Society started by Ed Cornish and became very interested in Futures Research, so much so that that became his permanent post at Sperry Univac Corporation.

With two friends William Bergan and Brian K Toren he established rules and bylaws of the World Futures Society and applied to be a Chapter. He received permission and the Chapter started in 1968. It is believed to be the first chapter of the WFS.

The chapter started slowly but with the leadership of Earl and the and the help of Bill and Brian, it soon began to grow. Meetings were held monthly with speakers from all over the Twin Cities Metropolitan area and even a few from outside the local area. Many individuals of note published in the Futurists publications Futurics, a journal mailed all over the world, and Future Trends. At one point there were over a thousand recipients of the newsletter and more than a hundred members.

The hay days were in the late sixties through the eighties. After Earl retired things began to drop off. There was no one available to take over the reigns. Earl died in 2010 and the Minnesota Futurist continued to struggle.

We are now trying to get fresh new young blood into the organization, but it too is a struggle. We do have over 650 people who have shown interest on Meet-up and are now trying to update the organization to get more people to attend meetings and to eventually join the organization.

As part of this effort we are completely revamping the Futurists web site and hope to add value to members through publications, tools and procedures for the Futurist to use.